June 22, 2024

Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming

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Evolution Gaming is known for its exciting live dealer games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Live Baccarat. But the Riga-based publisher is full of surprises. In addition to these tables, which are now very popular with online gambling players, it also offers another well set up live game: Dream Catcher.

Presentation of this new generation Wheel of Fortune

Behind the name Dream Catcher, there is in fact a game that is very popular in the big casinos all over the world and popularized through different TV games. It is called Wheel of Fortune. The first live version of this game developed by Evolution Gaming, Dream Catcher features a real dealer in one of the superb land-based studios set up for the occasion by the publisher.

Entertaining in the game like any other professional animator, the live dealer also operates a big wheel that stops after a few spins on a slice bearing a number by which the player’s bet is multiplied. Players bet before each round and interact with the host live via the game interface.

Dream Catcher rules and payouts

Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher game is based on the simplest form of Wheel of Fortune: the Big 6. In this variant, the wheel is divided into 54 equal slices as follows:

  • 23 yellow slices with the number 1
  • 15 blue slices with the number 2
  • 7 purple slices with the number 5
  • 4 green slices with the number 10
  • 2 orange slices with the number 20
  • 1 red slice with the number 40
  • 1 slice with multiplier x2
  • 1 slice with the multiplier x7

Before each round, players are asked to bet on one of the previous numbers on which they think the wheel will stop. If the prediction is correct, the player is paid the amount of the bet multiplied by the winning number. For example, if the wheel comes to rest on a 5, the player wins 5 times their bet.

When the wheel stops on one of the slots occupied by a multiplier, the dealer spins the wheel again. The number that the wheel stops on on the next spin is then multiplied by the multiplier and then by the winning player’s bet. For example, if the wheel stops first on x7 and then on 20, the player who bet on the number “20” receives 20×7 times, i.e. 140 times his/her stake.

The game interface

True to its reputation, Evolution Gaming guarantees Dream Catcher players a user-friendly, immersive and highly ergonomic gaming experience. This starts with the premium quality of the wheel, which is custom designed by TCS John Huxley to meet the exact requirements of the publisher. Reliable and precise, it is displayed from various angles, with different views offered during the games thanks to Evolution Gaming’s HD cameras. On the PC, the player can choose between a panoramic and a close-up view, with various comfort features such as live chat and the results of the last 21 rounds.

For mobile players, the option is available to play in portrait or landscape mode for an optimal view of the interface.

Online casinos offering Dream Catcher

This game is available at online casinos that offer Evolution Gaming’s other live dealer creations. Be sure to visit CasinoDeals for the full listing of trusted brands in South Africa.